Prince’s and Lady’s Inclines, located between Woodside Lane and Towers Road.

Prince’s and Lady’s Inclines are fantastic local amenities offering natural woodland walks and historical interest all within a 5 minute walk from the centre of Poynton. The two inclines were built as part of the Poynton colliery railway system.

In order to maintain and improve the Inclines now and for the future, Poynton Town Council has been working with local residents, Inclines users, tree specialists, Cheshire East Trees Officers and other interested parties, to develop a long term maintenance plan.

At the core of this plan are two documents: 

  1. A Woodland Management Plan setting out the Town Council’s strategy and programme of works for the woodland along the Inclines. 
  2. A set of Inclines Policies and Procedures showing the responsibilities of the Town Council, Inclines neighbours and users in relation to the Inclines. 
As well as protecting the woodland, the Town Council is keen to increase the usage of the Inclines through improving the footpaths and signage etc. Volunteers are being sought to form Inclines Ground Force, a team to help clear footpaths and tidy debris as well as learn a bit more about the Inclines’ nature and history.


Prince's and Lady's Inclines