Poynton Platinum Jubilee Trail

Poynton Platinum Jubilee Trail, 30th April - 12th June 2022, FREE

We invite you to take part in the Poynton Platinum Jubilee Trail. The trail has been created by local resident Rosie of ‘Rainbow Trails with Rosie’ with support from Poynton Town Council, and the lovely purple crowns have been made by Men In Sheds.

This fun activity is for both children and adults interested in finding out more about the history of our wonderful Town. The trail consists of seven points of interest around Poynton. Each location has a large purple crown which provides information about a decade of the Queen’s 70-year reign, the World and Poynton, along with interesting information about the location.

There’s lots of Poynton history to discover on the trail and resources to access when you get home. Old photographs, memories from Poynton people, newspaper articles, puzzles for kids, spot the difference of Poynton past and present, crosswords and colouring in.

You will need a copy of the map, a pen and a smartphone. The What3words free App installed on your phone is ideal but not essential for this trail.

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Download your FREE Trail map here. 

About the walk

It’s preferable to walk the trail in order. You can choose to walk the trail in one go or can split the trail into smaller sections to complete at your convenience.

Starting and finishing at the Civic Hall, the route length is: 2.7miles/4.3km. Walking at a medium pace, it should take around 1½ - 2 hours to complete the trail.

Mostly the trail is through the streets around Poynton but there are some sections that are off-road. We advise you to wear stout footwear, dress for the weather and pack a drink.

Please be mindful that the trail requires participants to cross-roads. The trail is suitable for families. Children under 16 should be supervised by an adult.


What do I do at each location?

Upon arriving at the purple crown locations, make a note of the large red coloured letter at the top right of the poster. Collect all seven letters to figure out the Platinum Jubilee Trail anagram. Once you have solved the anagram, return your completed map to the Civic Hall, SK12 1RB * (next to the library) to collect a treat.

*Civic Hall opening times apply. Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm, Sat 9 - 12.30pm, Sun and Bank holidays - Closed


Getting the most out of the trail

The Trail works best with access to a smart phone as additional information about the history of the locations and activities for children that can be printed out at home, is available via QR code.*

Most smart phones have the ability for you to access the QR code by using the camera function. Alternatively you can take a photograph of the QR code/weblink and access the additional information at a later date.

* Please be aware, accessing the QR codes while on the trail, will use your mobile data. If you have limited data, it may be an option to access the information when you return home.


How to get started!

Collect your FREE trail map from the Civic Hall or print one from this page. Return your completed map to the Civic Hall to collect a treat.


What is What3words?

To get the most out of the trail, use a smart phone and download the free App What3words’. What3words allows you to search for a specific location. Every 3m square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words: a What3words address. While using the App, search for each crown by typing the What3words address found on the reverse of the map. Alternatively, the trail can be completed without using the app and by using only the map and the location description.

Download your FREE Trail map here.