Poynton in Bloom

Poynton In Bloom are a group of volunteers who plant and maintain a number of containers which are mostly to be found around the centre of Poynton, with the aim of providing floral colour to brighten up the streets. The Group is supported by the Town Council who fund the purchase of the plants.

There is a committee which meets to discuss planning and progress and we now have another group of volunteers who also help the committee with the planting and maintenance. On the whole the planting is the easy part, it is the maintenance that takes up the time especially in summertime when the watering can be time consuming depending on the weather.

The plants are renewed twice a year in spring and autumn and in between the main tasks are to keep the containers weeded, deadheaded and watered. From time to time, in the bigger containers, the structural planting has to be renewed but anything that has just grown too big is planted elsewhere to continue growing.

In 2018 we held a Garden Safari which was very successful and with the funds raised we were able to buy 3 new containers which can be found in the centre of Poynton.

The group would be happy to hear from anyone, even if you don’t already know a lot about gardening, who would like to volunteer and help out with planting and/or watering. Please contact poyntoninbloom@talktalk.net

Poynton in Bloom wheelbarough