Poynton's Fallen Soldiers

Poynton Town Council has collated a virtual exhibition of information about local servicemen and women who gave their lives during both the First and Second World War and who are named on the War Memorial at St George’s Church, along with interesting information about Poynton during the War.

Please click on ‘Enlarge’ to view full size portraits.

The information has been collated from a number of different sources, in particular from Harry Carlisle, Cheshire Villages Great War Society and Poynton Local History Society and their book ‘Poynton: A Village at War 1939-1945’. More recently we have gratefully received contributions from Poynton residents.

If you have more information about the servicemen and women from Poynton, that you are happy to share, please email Sharon.duke@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk.


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Soldiers from the First World War

   Albert Green - Enlarge


   Alfred Edward Pollard - Enlarge

   Alfred Vincent Parkin - Enlarge

  Arthur Singleton - Enlarge 

  Arthur Wood - Enlarge 

  Bertram Harold Taylor - Enlarge 

  David Goodwin - Enlarge 

  Dexter Potts - Enlarge 

  Edward Jones - Enlarge 

  Erik Booth - Enlarge 

  Frank Bryning - Enlarge 

  George F.A. Lord Vernon - Enlarge 

  George Platt  - Enlarge 

  Harold Bagnall - Enlarge 

  James Booth - Enlarge 

  John Henry Wood - Enlarge 

  John William Haigh - Enlarge 

  Joseph Armitage - Enlarge 

  Joseph Bennett - Enlarge 

  Joseph Hooley - Enlarge 

  Joseph Wild - Enlarge 

  Leonard Wainwright - Enlarge 

  Philip Cartridge - Enlarge 

  Ralph Needham  - Enlarge 

  Robert Poole - Enlarge 


  Samuel Joseph Lloyd - Enlarge  

  Stanley Warburton  - Enlarge 

  Thomas Henshall - Enlarge 

   William Butterworth - Enlarge 

  William Hartley - Enlarge 

  William Turner - Enlarge 

  William Walters - Enlarge 

  Wright Ridgway - Enlarge 

Soldiers from the Second World War

  Arthur Johnson - EnlargeArthur Johnson

  Arthur Jones - EnlargeArthur Jones 

  Basil Shawcross - EnlargeBasil Shawcross 

  Donald Stuart Wood - Enlarge 

  Douglas Cecil Perry - Enlarge 

  Douglas Norman Rains - Enlarge 

  Edward Hall - Enlarge 

  Eric James Seddon - Enlarge 

  Eric Timperley - Enlarge 

  Eric York - Enlarge 

  Frank Hallworth - Enlarge 

  Fred Beeley - Enlarge 

  Harold Bruester Clayton - Enlarge 

  Harry Bailey - Enlarge 

  Herbert Oliver - Enlarge 



  Herbert Lloyd - Enlarge 

  John Fenton Shore - Enlarge 

  John Hills - Enlarge  

  John Waring - Enlarge 

  John Warrington - Enlarge 

  Norman Pendlebury - Enlarge 

  Ouida Bennett - Enlarge 

  Philip Brown - Enlarge 

  Philip Laurence Lloyd - Enlarge 

  Raymond Peake - Enlarge 

  Reginald Buffey - Enlarge 

  Reginald James Doughty - Enlarge 

  Richard Charles Walton - Enlarge 

  Robert Hall - Enlarge 

  Ronald Derek Speak - Enlarge 

  William Henry Ashton - Enlarge  

  William Horrocks - Enlarge 

  William Scott Ostle - Enlarge