Twinning Association of Poynton (TAP) Haybes and Érd

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The Twinning Association enables the citizens of different towns in different countries to gain a better understanding of each other's society and culture through personal contacts organised by officially recognised organisations in the respective partner towns.

The Association was originally formed in 2003 with the aim of creating links with Érd, a town in Hungary, near Budapest.
Click here for Érd history. Érd Town Council website:

This was chosen because there are several Hungarians living in Poynton, and Érd is also the home town of a former Mayor of Poynton.

TAP is delighted that Poynton Town Council also signed a twinning agreement with the French town of Haybes in 2016 -

Twinning Association

The aims of the Twinning are to build and strengthen friendships between individuals, local groups and the Councils; to promote the areas of culture, education, sports and tourism in both communities; and to respect each other's cultures and traditions. The Twinning with Haybes has a particular emphasis on a schools' exchange programme and will also actively promote cultural and other links between societies and organisations in both our communities where there are common interests.

TAP would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be interested in more information, and/or in joining TAP. Please get in touch via You can also find out more information at the Twinning Association Poynton Facebook page.

 Twinning Association