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Poynton Town Council - Communities Coordinator

Find about all the work the Poynton Town Council Communities Coordinator carries out in the village through photo stories and reports to the Council

Poynton with Worth Town Council Civic Award Winners 2019 with Mayor Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore Poynton Heritage Garden Poynton Civic Hall entrance London Road North approach

The 2019 Civic Awards Winners

This year's winners are pictured with Poynton Town Mayor, Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore.

Discover who they are and why they won here.

Poynton Heritage Garden

The garden situated between the Civic Hall, Library and Priorslegh Medical Centre was the successful transformation of what was a little used public area into a colourful and tranquil space.

More photos here.

Poynton Civic Hall

Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Find all about the town council, the latest community news, meeting minutes, adult health and wellbeing initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Poynton Council Community Support Team

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Communities Co-ordinator - Sharon Duke

Sharon Duke. Poynton Town Council's Communities Co-ordinator

Based at Poynton's Civic Hall the Communities Co-ordinator's role is to promote existing and new initiatives which will benefit both the older and younger populations of Poynton.

Sharon works closeley with partner organisations which include Age U.K, C.A.B, Open Hands, U3A, the local schools, the Police and Poynton's medical centres also drives existing Town Council initiatives including Men in Sheds, Poynton Fun Days, youth activities, intergenerational projects and Poynton's resilience plan.

Sharon is also involved in promoting Poynton's events, groups and organistions for residents with dementia and following a successful application to the Alzheimer’s Society, Poynton Dementia Steering Group (PDSG) supported by Poynton Area Community Partnership Poynton is now officially recognised as ‘working towards becoming dementia friendly’.

Find out more details on our Adult Health and Wellbeing page and in Sharon's reports below.


Communities Co-ordinator Reports

You can read Sharon Duke's reports by selecting the links below.

June 2017 | July 2017 | August/September 2017 | October 2017 | November 2017 | December 2017/January 2018 | March 2018 | April - June 2018 | July - Mid September 2018 | Mid-September to mid-November 2018 | Mid-November 2018 to Mid-January 2019 | Mid-January to Mid March 2019 | Mid-March 2019 to Mid-June 2019

Sharon Duke's Mid-March 2019 to Mid-June 2019 Report is shown below.

Think u know Introduction Course, March 20th

Thinkuknow logoTwenty participants attended the course including representatives from the scouts, guides, a local football team and primary school staff. P.C. Jane Commins from Cheshire Constabulary who delivered the session covered topics highlighted by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command’s information on the risks of online environments. Jane received great feedback from the group and who now have access to online resources.

The room hire was covered from funding made available to Poynton Town Council as a result of the Civic Hall being a Connected Communities Centre.

Poynton Area Community Partnership (P.A.C.P.)

Ending loneliness booklet - P.A.C.P. reviewed the success of the booklet ‘A guide to local interest, activity and hobby groups’, which comprised sufficient positive anecdotal comments from residents and health professionals to agree an updated reprint.

This booklet has also been recognised as good practice and adopted by Handforth Patient Participation Group and further afield by The Rotary Club of Garstang & Over Wyre.

P.A.C.P. now includes Bollington in the Partnership. This is in direct response to the group recognising it was important to include Bollington in the group’s activities around health and well-being given Bollington is now part of the Bollington, Disley, Poynton Care Community.

Action on Hearing Loss

As previously reported, I have encouraged Action on Hearing Loss to provide an opportunity for a volunteer Community Change Agent role to continue the work needed to raise awareness around hearing loss and tinnitus in our area, particularly with young people. Sadly, despite attempts to promote the opportunity, no-one has come forward. Our representative from Action on Hearing Loss is currently on maternity leave, but I will continue to work with her on her return and with a local resident who has also supported this initiative to date, particularly to raise awareness with young people.

Just Drop-In, Poynton

Just Drop-in logoFollowing discussions with Just Drop-In, a charity based in Macclesfield, they are now providing an outreach counselling service for young people aged 12-25 years at Poynton Civic Hall every Tuesday evening.

My role has been to promote this service to young people, schools and organisations who support young people and the Project Manager has informed me that the service has been well used to date.

A.E.D. training

I have organised community A.E.D. training sessions by North West Ambulance Service at Johnnie Johnson Housing and The Hockley Centre. This complements the considerable fundraising efforts by Poynton’s volunteer A.E.D. Champion and our Operations Manager to purchase and arrange installation of two new units at Spinners Lane and Hockley. Two sessions were held at each of the venues which resulted in over fifty residents now trained to deliver C.P.R. and use the defibrillators.

A.E.D. training session by North West Ambulance Service at Johnnie Johnson Housing
Poynton Dementia Steering Group

Dementia Action Week. Poynton Dementia Steering Group are pleased to have a new Chair, Adam Garrow. Adam has been involved with the group for a while and is a retired research fellow from Manchester University and brings many skills and lots of experience to the group.

During Dementia Action Week, forget-me-not signs were attached to lampposts throughout Poynton to raise awareness with the community and promote discussions between members of Poynton Dementia Steering Group and local businesses. Members of the group visited many of the shops/businesses in Poynton encouraging them to become Dementia Friendly. Following their efforts, the group have received three further applications and the promise of more to come. These will be assessed by the group at the next steering group meeting in July.

Poynton Dementia Steering Group and Dementia Action Week sign

Music and dementia project. Music has been recognised as having many benefits for people living with dementia. The group are currently scoping the possibility of an intergenerational music project for people living with dementia in care homes and those living in our community. We have contacted Poynton’s high and primary schools with a view to involving Poynton’s young people and have received a positive response so far. We hope to explore an idea to develop personalised playlists for people which are recognised as having a positive impact on health and well-being.

Time to talk sessions

Time to Talk sessions small poster. Click image to view or download a slightly larger version.Time to Talk is an initiative for people living with dementia and their carers to access advice from health professionals without the need to make an appointment at their G.P. practice. This approach has worked well in other areas by preventing people slipping into a crisis.

It is a pilot to understand the need and impact of the drop-in sessions. So far, the sessions have received a mixed response with only one or two people attending, whilst at other sessions people have had to wait to be seen.

The health professionals have signposted people to other services and supported with their enquiries. A review will be taken at the end of the pilot and a decision made on future sessions.

Click on poster to view a slightly larger version.

Cheshire East Council – Communities Team

There have been some changes in Cheshire East Council’s Communities Team which means that Poynton has a new Community Development Officer, Carol Hill. I’ll be working with Carol on a number of workstreams and familiarising her with the area and community.

Home from Home Friendship Group

Home from Home Friendship Group small poster imageHome from Home is a partnership initiative involving a number of services and organisations. These include Right at Home, a local care provider who are providing two members of staff to run the group; Local Area Co-ordinators are responding to enquiries and supporting people to attend the group.

The aim of the group is to target people who are socially isolated and require support to become better connected. Funding has been secured through Cheshire East Council to support the group which will be held fortnightly on Thursdays at Poynton Civic Hall.

We are exploring ways to try and target this hard to reach audience and have liaised with Open Hands in case transport is an issue for those hoping to attend.

Click on poster to view a larger version.

Poynton Pick and Tidy Group

Poynton Pick and Tidy Group logoI will be supporting the Poynton Pick and Tidy Group to assist Poynton Rotary Club to collect litter after the Party in the Park event on the 15th June again this year.

It’s important that a thorough litter-pick of the field is carried out ahead of the sheep returning to graze.

Waitrose Quiet Shopping Hour

Waitrose trialled the Quiet Shopping Hour in March and received positive feedback, not only people living with dementia and hearing problems, but also their regular customers. Customers have requested that they have their shopping hours on a more regular basis which is currently being considered.

Healthy Eating Week

"I have shared information and resources from the British Health Foundation with Poynton’s Primary Schools and created a display for the reception at Poynton Civic Hall. This campaign promotes five key themes which include healthy eating but to also ‘drink plenty’, ‘have breakfast’, eat ‘five a day’, ‘get active’ and ‘sleep well’.

This campaign links with the plans for Poynton’s primary schools to sell their home-grown vegetables using Waitrose’s Grow and Sell Kits at a mini-farmers market at Poynton’s Waitrose store. Any funds raised will contribute towards gardening initiatives in schools. Unfortunately, the produce isn’t quite ready, so we’ll organise the market for a few weeks’ time."

Healthy Eating Week posters
Connected Communities Centre – Poynton Civic Hall

As part of the ‘Get Safe Online’ initiative for Connected Communities Centre, Cheshire East Council are providing the Civic Hall with a TV monitor for reception. Information related to accessing services and health will be provided for the monitors and some staff members will receive training with a view to cascading to Poynton Town Council staff and volunteers to support members of their community to use online resources safely.


Sharon Duke

Communities Co-ordinator


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