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Poynton Town Council - Communities Coordinator

Find about all the work the Poynton Town Council Communities Coordinator carries out in the village through photo stories and reports to the Council

Poynton Park and Pool

Our town's picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swan and tufted duck, dragon and damselflies.

See more of Poynton's interesting places and 'things to do' on our visitor information page.

Poynton Poppies

The street poppies, made by Poynton Men in Sheds last year, were positioned along the main routes and gateways in Poynton and on noticeboards.

View a selection of photos here.

Poynton Men in Sheds Soldiers

The group made life-size Silhouette Soldiers to commemorate the end of the First World War.

Clickety Click made the poppies on the soldiers.

View a selection of photos here.

Twinning with Haybes

A Twinning Association of Poynton delegation visited Haybes to join their community commemorating the end of the First World War.

More details and photos here.

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Dementia Friends Training

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Communities Co-ordinator - Sharon Duke

Sharon Duke. Poynton Town Council's Communities Co-ordinator

Based at Poynton's Civic Hall the Communities Co-ordinator's role is to promote existing and new initiatives which will benefit both the older and younger populations of Poynton.

Sharon works closeley with partner organisations which include Age U.K, C.A.B, Open Hands, U3A, the local schools, the Police and Poynton's medical centres also drives existing Town Council initiatives including Men in Sheds, Poynton Fun Days, youth activities, intergenerational projects and Poynton's resilience plan.

Sharon is also involved in promoting Poynton's events, groups and organistions for residents with dementia and following a successful application to the Alzheimer’s Society, Poynton Dementia Steering Group (PDSG) supported by Poynton Area Community Partnership Poynton is now officially recognised as ‘working towards becoming dementia friendly’.

Find out more details on our Adult Health and Wellbeing page and in Sharon's reports below.


Communities Co-ordinator Reports

You can read Sharon Duke's monthly reports by selecting the links below.

June 2017 | July 2017 | August/September 2017 | October 2017 | November 2017 | December 2017/January 2018 | March 2018 | April - June 2018 | July - Mid September 2018 | Mid-September to mid-November 2018

Sharon Duke's Most Recent Report

Health and Wellbeing Fair

Despite the change of date, the Health and Wellbeing Fair on the 29th September was a huge success with many groups and organisations represented. The event commemorated International Day of Older Persons and was a great opportunity for people to learn more about what services are available locally. The Patient Participation Groups supported it by ushering residents receiving their flu vaccinations from Priorslegh Medical Practice to the Civic Hall on the day and volunteers from Poynton Methodist Church provided a well received pop-up café. The Mayor Cllr. Sarah-Jane Gilmore attended along with David Rutley M.P. 979 residents received their flu vaccination during the course of the morning.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Support for people living with dementia

Following positive feedback from Poynton Golden Memories Group members, health professionals will now attend the group every other month. My role has been to facilitate this having heard the difficulties and challenges that carers face.


Team B.D.P. (Bollington, Disley, Poynton) - Integrated Dementia Services

I’m at the early stages of working with the Care Community Coach, local G.P. and other service representatives who support people living with dementia and their carers, to ‘map’ the services that are available for residents. This is with a view to better connect existing services to ensure anyone with a dementia diagnosis has the relevant information available to them at the right time.


Team B.D.P. - Self-Care event

Cheshire East Council’s Local Area Co-ordinators, B.D.P.’s Care Community Coach and Proactive Care Co-ordinator and I have organised a health and wellbeing fair at 1st Poynton Scout hut on 14th November. Organisations attending this event have been invited to specifically meet the needs of local residents in the Hope Green East area of Poynton, with a focus on attracting people who are socially isolated and living with poor health. James Hails, our Community Support Officer supported the event by delivering flyers whilst on patrol, to residents in the vicinity.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Health and wellbeing awareness for young people

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Following discussions, the Community Engagement and Participation Officer from NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the Community Officer for Action on Hearing Loss are attending the School Development Day at Poynton High School on the 14th November to raise awareness of Self-care and hearing loss.

I will support their sessions on the day so I am able to promote these sessions to other groups and schools moving forward.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Connecting Lower Park Primary School and local business

I have connected a member of staff from Notcutts Garden Centre at Woodford and the Chair of the P.T.A. at Lower Park Primary School to support the development of their proposed sensory garden in the school grounds.

Notcutts are providing their staff that have the skills to design the garden which takes into account the ideas and sketches made by the children. I will continue to support this project and their aspirations for this space to become a community resource which will hopefully include intergenerational activities and involve some of our community groups in future.

I am also attending the P.T.A. meeting on the 15th November to raise awareness of dementia awareness sessions and other health and well-being topics.


End of First World War Commemorations

The leaflet outlining the programme to commemorate the end of the First World War was very well received as was the ‘Remembering Poynton’s Soldiers’ display in the Civic Hall.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image


The commemorations were a collaboration between a number of community groups and organisations and Poynton Town Council;

  • the information about Poynton soldiers was provided by Cheshire Villages Great War Society.
  • the black boards, ‘John Henry’ the silhouette of the soldier at reception and the street poppies were provided by Men in Sheds.
  • ‘John Henry’s’ poppy was crocheted by Clickety Click.
  • my colleague, Lauren Schjelderup designed the soldier information.
  • Cheshire East Council printed and laminated the soldier information.
  • Poynton History Society produced a flyer ‘World War One Poems’.
  • Volunteers from Poynton British Legion helped Poynton Town Council staff to put up and take down the street poppies.
  • Poynton’s scout and girl guiding groups carried the soldier boards in the parade.
  • The soldier information was also offered to St. George’s church which were displayed on the screens during the Remembrance Service.
  • Volunteers from the Anson Museum also arranged for the soldier information and ‘John Henry’ to be displayed at their ‘Battles Over’ event.

Through the connections made at Poynton Area Community Partnership, Men in Sheds also made soldiers for the parishes of Kettleshulme and Mottram Saint Andrew, which were a significant part of their commemorations.

As a result of the ‘Remembering Poynton’s Soldiers’ display, family members of soldiers came forward with more information that we previously hadn’t been aware of and an elderly resident reminisced about her two cousins, brothers who had died.

Many visitors were encouraged to leave comments in the visitor’s book about the display:

"A very helpful exhibition so that we can identify with many of our fellow villagers who found themselves at a time when they were called to lay down their lives for their friends".

"A wonderful tribute and a very informative exhibition. So many familiar names that I know. Thank you".

"As representatives of the Haybes Town Hall, twinned with Poynton we are proud of taking part in WW1 commemorations and hope the links between our two towns be examples of international friendship".

"A very moving and thought-provoking display. Wonderful soundtrack. Thanks to all who served and serve today".

Poynton Town Council website has been an excellent tool to get the commemoration (and health walks) messages out. A collaboration between Mike Gallagher, Liz Osborn, Cllr. Sarah-Jane Gilmore and I have reached a good number of people.

Also, strategic posting at specific times of day on other appropriate websites and Facebook pages have helped to spread the word. For example ‘The End of First World War Commemorations’ flyer reached 3,145 people and the ‘Remembering Soldiers Display’ reached 4,764 people.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

Poynton Area Health Walks

The first health walk started on Wednesday 7th November from the Civic Hall with local health walk leaders trained by Everybody Sport and Recreation (E.S.A.R.) leading the way!

These walks are aimed at people who need support and encouragement to become more active and would benefit from increased levels of activity.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image

My role has been to encourage E.S.A.R. to develop the programme, facilitate and the volunteer training and promote the programme. I will continue to do this, especially to health professionals with a view to them referring people.

Promotion on Poynton Town Councils’ website indicated that a promotional post reached 951 people.

Communities Co-ordinator  Report Image


Poynton A.E.D.’s – Community training

Working with North West Ambulance Service and Poynton’s A.E.D. Champion, I am exploring options for dates and venues in December for community training sessions. Once these are confirmed my role will involve helping to promote the sessions.


Christmas Fest preparations

This years’ event is on Tuesday 4th December. I have involved with co-ordinating Poynton Town Council’s input to the event which includes ensuring notices, hi-viz vests, chairs, etc. are available for the evening.


Sharon Duke

Communities Co-ordinator


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