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3rd December 2013

Poynton Civic Hall entrance Poynton Heritage Garden Poynton with Worth Town Council Civic Award Winners 2019 with Mayor Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore London Road North approach

Poynton Civic Hall

Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

Poynton Heritage Garden

The garden situated between the Civic Hall, Library and Priorslegh Medical Centre was the successful transformation of what was a little used public area into a colourful and tranquil space.

More photos here.

The 2019 Civic Awards Winners

This year's winners are pictured with Poynton Town Mayor, Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore.

Discover who they are and why they won here.

Welcome to Poynton

Find all about the town council, the latest community news, meeting minutes, adult health and wellbeing initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Poynton Updates and News 3/12/2013


Archived PUN can be found here and the most recent PUN here.

Shared Space

The Leader and Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council attended a Town Council meeting on 25th November, and answered questions from our Town and Cheshire East Councillors. Answering a question about Poynton’s Shared Space scheme, Council Leader Michael Jones made a surprise assertion, revealing for the first time that there was an apparent fundamental design flaw in Poynton’s Shared Space Scheme. The Town Council has been pressing for many months now for the defects in this Cheshire East Council designed project to be remedied.

Many of our residents share our frustration, and we feel that these faults detract from a proven streetscape design, which has successfully contributed to a new vibrancy in the centre of Poynton, and which has drawn much praise. We feel we are owed an explanation by Cheshire East as to what extent these are design flaws in the construction of the scheme, or are due to other factors. We will also continue to press Cheshire East with the question they have failed to answer thus far, namely, when will they correct the outstanding defects already reported, that take away from the otherwise undoubted success of the scheme.


Poynton Websites

There are a number of unofficial websites offering information, views and opinions about Poynton issues, but we would like to remind residents that the Town Council can only vouch for and endorse the information carried on the official Town Council website – www.poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk


Christmas Trees

The Town Council would like to thank two community minded residents for donating the Christmas trees located at St George’s Church and at the Civic Hall. The trees had grown too tall, and rather than have them taken away and cut up they were instead removed intact from the respective gardens, and kindly donated to the Town Council.


Have your say on Policing Priorities

John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire is currently developing his Police & Crime Plan for next year. The plan will set out the objectives for the Constabulary, It is important that the Plan reflects the policing priorities of the public of Cheshire . You can Have Your Say by completing the survey. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY. It is a ‘tick box’ one pager, optional comment boxes, and takes only minutes to complete.


Sign up for Police Alert

Cheshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner is urging everyone in the county to sign up to the new alert system. The system allows you to receive regular information from him, the Constabulary, Fire & Rescue service and other public services in Cheshire . “Communicating with the public is an important part of my role,” said John Dwyer. “I know that people are busy and I want to offer as many ways as possible for people to keep in touch with what I’m doing and to have their say about policing. I want to encourage people to sign up to this alert system, as it enables them to be kept up to date not only with what I’m doing, but with any major incidents and local news for their local area.” The Alert system is free and simple to use. Once you have registered you will be able to select how you would like to receive information (either by phone, text or email). To join Cheshire PCC Alert visit www.Cheshire-pcc.gov.uk.


Wanted – Odd Job Person for Mottram St Andrew

Mottram St Andrew Parish Council are seeking someone who could work part time to meet the various needs of the Council, which include cleaning of signs, woodwork repairs, gardening etc. For more information please contact Cllr Bill Pilkington via e-mail: wmp43@btconnect.com




Cheshire East Local Plan – Latest Developments

NOTE: If you'd like to download these latest developments as a PDF to view, print or pass on to other residents click here.

The Local Plan for Cheshire East sets the overall planning strategy, allocates sites for development and contains planning policies to fulfil the economic, environmental and social needs of the area, including Poynton. Cheshire East Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for Cheshire East to guide development up to 2030. There is more information on: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/localplan The Core Strategy will be the first part of the new Local Plan to be in place and will set out the overall vision and strategy for planning in Cheshire East. It will also allocate strategic sites and locations for development.

Cheshire East has produced its “Pre-Submission Core Strategy” for consultation between 5th November and 16th December 2013.

It sets out the Council's case for sustainable economic growth and represents the strategy the Council wants to adopt to manage development in Cheshire East up to 2030. This will be the final consultation before the Core Strategy is submitted to the Secretary of State for an independent examination in a Public Enquiry.

The draft Pre-Submission Core Strategy does not include any “strategic sites” in Poynton. “Strategic site” is a euphemism for a big housing estate or employment site. However, Cheshire East do say that there should be around 200 new houses and 3 hectares (7.4 acres) of employment land developed in Poynton up to 2030. Please note that this excludes the 900 houses Stockport Council want to build at the former Woodford Aerodrome, as that site is not in Cheshire East. (see also separate item below)

Cheshire East also proposes re-designating some Green Belt land as “safeguarded land”, which is likely to be developed after 2030. Cheshire East is planning to have 5 to 10 hectares (12.4 to 24.8 acres) of “safeguarded land” in Poynton, although they will not say where this might be. However, Nick Boles MP, the Planning Minister, has said in Parliament that there is no need for the Local Plan to include any land for development after 2030.

A copy of the substantial ‘Pre-Submission Core Strategy’ and the ‘Non-Preferred Sites’ document can be inspected at the Civic Hall, the Library or on the Cheshire East website. There are several ways to comment on the document:

Poynton Town Council has consistently argued against building in Poynton’s Green Belt. Please make your comments on Cheshire East’s plans before 16th December 2013.

Woodford Aerodrome

The first Planning Application to be made by Harrow Estates and others has been filed for that part of the site within Poynton and Adlington, with a consultation deadline of 11th December 2013. This is for

“Partial removal of the runway, re-grading works, footpath and cycle links, the naturalisation of the culverted watercourse through the site and restoration and landscaping works”.

A full suite of supporting documents is available for viewing on the Cheshire East Planning website, and hard copies are available for viewing (but not taking away) at the Civic Hall. To comment on the plans go to www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/planning then click on ‘View and comment on a Planning Application’. The planning reference is 13/4458M.


A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road - Deadline for comments 5th December

On Monday 18th November the Town Council’s Planning and Environment Committee considered a planning application regarding that portion of the proposed A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road within Cheshire East. The Committee resolved to recommend no objection in principle, but reaffirmed its long standing position that the Relief Road be built in conjunction with the Poynton/Woodford Relief Road . Members were also aware that the proposed underpasses could attract anti-social behaviour, and asked that such potential trouble spots be designed out.

It is important to emphasise that the Town Council, as a statutory consultee, can only make a recommendation, with the ultimate decision being determined by Cheshire East’s Strategic Planning Board. Hard copies of the supporting documentation for this planning application can be viewed (but not taken away) at the Civic Hall during normal office hours, or viewed electronically on the Cheshire East website www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/planning . The planning reference is 13/4355M. The consultation deadline for the planning application is noon this Thursday 5th December 2013.


Garden Waste

Residents will be aware that Cheshire East suspended green bin collections from 18th November 2013 to 18th March 2013. The Town Council wrote to Cllr David Topping, Portfolio Holder for the Environment at Cheshire East Council to complain about the total lack of consultation on this, and pointing out that the start date was too early, given the large amount of leaves still falling from trees.

Meanwhile, in response to the general level of concern raised about this initiative, Cheshire East has agreed that residents can place garden waste in their black bins for the next two collections (or one, if your black bin was collected today). Please help by passing this message to those of our residents without access to a PC. For any further information call T. 0300 123 5034 or visit the website www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/recycling


Poynton Springboard – Music For All

Discussions are well underway for a music festival to be held at a range of venues across Poynton next year, on Saturday 27th September 2014, concluding with a ‘Songs of Praise’ type event on Sunday 28th. This will be a community event with many different types of music to suit all tastes and ages. Please make a note of this weekend in your 2014 calendars and diaries – more information will follow.


Winter Warmth

As part of the Town Council’s ‘Winter Warmth’ initiative we are looking to supply blankets to older and/or vulnerable Poynton residents who may be struggling to keep warm during the winter months. If you have any blankets in reasonable condition that you are able to donate then please contact Trish Hill at Poynton Civic Hill who will arrange to collect them.

There is also a range of information leaflets and brochures available at the Civic Hall giving advice on keeping warm and keeping well during the winter months, These include temperature gauges, referral forms for the ‘Hotspots’ scheme, ‘Message in a Bottle’ containers and many more.

Please contact Trish Hill on T. 01625 872238 for more information. United Utilities are also offering advice for the winter about how to avoid burst pipes, where to find your stop tap etc. Visit their website www.unitedutilities.com/winterwise


Dog Fouling

The Town Council is receiving an increasing number of complaints about dog fouling. The Dog (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 was adopted and means that it is illegal to fail to clear up after your dog if it fouls on any land which is open to the air and to which the public has access. The penalty for contravening the act is a £50 fixed penalty fine. If the fine is not paid within 14 days, then this may lead to prosecution in a Magistrates Court with a maximum fine of a £1000.

If residents become aware of repeat offenders, with the fouling taking place at fairly regular times at the same location and which the owners do not clear up, please let the Town Council know (T. 01625 872238) (who will then inform the PCSOs), or contact the Community Dog Warden on T.0300 123 5021, e-mail info@cheshireeast.gov.uk


Private CCTV

If you have installed your own private CCTV at home, and are happy to provide details of this for a local police database, would you please forward your contact details to the Town Clerk – e-mail Liz.Osborn@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk or phone T. 01625 872238.


Time Out Café

There are many older members of our community who are isolated, spend days without seeing or speaking to anyone, and who are not confident to venture out alone. Time out Café is a new Town Council initiative and is now open every Friday between 2pm and 4pm at Poynton Civic Hall. Do come along and join us, you will be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome, refreshments and a chat. Meet up with friends, access information on local services, organisations and groups, and have your say on how this community facility could develop further, and what social or creative events we could host in the future. For further information please e-mail trish.hill@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk or phone her on T. 01625 872238.


Ranger Events

For details of Ranger events please call T. 01625 383700 or go to the Rangers website www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/leisure,_culture_and_tourism/ranger_service/ranger_events.aspx.  For those residents without access to a PC, printed copies of the monthly Ranger programmes can be had on request from the Civic Hall. 


The Poynton Update and News (PUN)

A reminder that hard copies of this PUN are available on request from the Civic Hall for those of our residents without access to PCs – please spread the word! A version of the PUN is published in ‘SK Poynton’ magazine, and the Trading Post café on the canal towpath at Nelson Pit in Higher Poynton kindly displays it.



Poynton Town Council Diary Dates for December 2013

Please forward this e-mail to family and friends and suggest they subscribe to the PUN by e-mailing Liz.Osborn@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk
(Printed copies also available on request from the Civic Hall)

Kind regards,
Malcolm Adams
Town Clerk
T. 01625 872238
Twitter: @poyntontownclrk

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