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Poynton Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is a plan prepared by a community that helps shape development in the area in which they live. Find out all about the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan below and access FAQs.

Poynton Poppies

The street poppies, made by Poynton Men in Sheds last year, have been positioned along the main routes and gateways in Poynton and on noticeboards.


Poynton Men in Sheds Soldiers

The group have made life-size soldiers, which can be seen at St. George's Church Hall, outside the Men in Shed workshop at the Centre (107 Park Lane) and in Poynton Civic Hall reception.

Clickety Click made the poppies on the soldiers.

Remembrance Day - Parade and Service - 11/11/18

9.35am - Remembrance Parade from Poynton Civic Hall down Park Lane to St. George’s Church.

10am - Armistice 100 Remembrance Service.

More details below.

Twinning with Haybes

A Twinning Association of Poynton delegation visited Haybes to join their community commemorating the end of the First World War.

More details and photos here.

A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map
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Armistice 100 Remembrance

At 9.35am the Remembrance Parade from Poynton Civic Hall down Park Lane to St. George’s Church and at 10am the Armistice 100 Remembrance Service. More details below.

End of First World War

A number of groups are organising events and activities in Poynton to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War. Download the programme here.

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Poynton Neighbourhood Plan

(FAQS can be accessed here and there is also a separate Poynton Neighbourhood Plan website with information: www.poyntonnp.org.uk/


Neighbourhood Plan Update

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - closed

The Consultation for the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan is now closed and the Steering Group would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond. This phase of the Neighbourhood Plan gave you an opportunity to comment on its proposals before it is formally submitted to Cheshire East Council. Any suggested changes or additions made will need to be compliant with both national and borough-level planning policies, and will also need to be evidence-based. All responses will be carefully considered by the Neighbourhood Plan team, who can amend the Plan if necessary before forwarding to Cheshire East Council for their consideration, hopefully in early Spring.

The Plan can be viewed or downloaded here*. (NB this is a 12MB PDF so may take a short while to appear).


Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Movement Study - 29-01-2018

The specific focus of the Movement Study of Poynton, undertaken on behalf of the Town Council, on walking, cycling and public transport, considers the following:

  • The existing conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and other modes of transport in Poynton;
  • The impact of local allocated development sites, the completion of the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR), and the Poynton Relief Road (PRR) on movements and infrastructure in the town; and
  • Potential measures, over and above those which will be delivered by local allocated development sites and Relief Road schemes, to improve pedestrian and cyclist movements in Poynton.

The subsequent aim of this report is that it will aid in the development of the Poynton Neighbourhood Development Plan document that is currently under development.

The complete Poynton Movement Study document can be downloaded here.

(NB this is a 4.4MB PDF file and might take a short while to appear).


Poynton Town Council Neighbourhood Plan SEA Screening Report

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan process Cheshire East Council carry out a report to determine if a SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) is required for any of the sites in the Neighbourhood Plan. They ask statutory consultees, English Heritage, Environment Agency and Natural England. The conclusion for the proposals is that no SEA screening is required (Page 5). The full report can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF here (2.6MB).


Earlier Information

Our Neighbourhood Plan will influence the way in which Poynton develops from now until 2030. This Plan is distinct from Cheshire East Council's emerging Local Plan, which will govern development in the whole of Cheshire East in the same time period. Although our Neighbourhood Plan needs to comply with the Local Plan, it will nevertheless have legal force, and will need to be taken account of by planners, developers and landowners alike.

Our Neighbourhood Plan team comprises a group of volunteers and Town Councillors, and it has already undertaken two surveys among Poynton residents. It now needs to find out how residents in this specific younger age group want Poynton to develop over the next two decades. Views will be sought on issues such as housing, the Green Belt, health and wellbeing, infrastructure and local services, as well as the draft policy proposals intended to manage these.

An exhibition showing the current status of Poynton's Neighbourhood Plan took place at the Civic Hall in February, when a second survey was also made available for residents to complete. Some 500 people attended the exhibition, and over 200 kindly completed the survey, either on line or in hard copy. These further views, when fully analysed, will help inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan. It is also intended to garner further views from two focus groups that fully reflect Poynton's demographic, including in particular our younger residents and their families.

Poynton Neighbourhood Plan exhibition boardsThis second survey showed overwhelming support for the two main strands of the Neighbourhood Plan, namely those relating to housing and the Green Belt. 75% of those responding chose the "brownfield sites first" as their number 1 priority for housing development, while there was also general support for a mix of housing types, catering for the needs of our younger and older residents.

Not surprisingly those residents responding to the survey agreed strongly on those policies designed to manage and preserve the Green Belt that surrounds Poynton. Priority was given to preserving the character of Poynton and our open spaces, as well as enhancing the natural environment.

On other issues there was strong support shown for sports facilities and playing fields, as well as the need to press for the Poynton Relief Road to be built. Concern was expressed by many respondents about the planned sale and redevelopment of the Sports Club site. It is not within the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group's remit to express a view on this (or indeed on any other site proposed for development), rather it is incumbent upon the Sports Club and the developer to consult locally, and for our residents to provide their views at that stage.

The full results of the survey will be published on this page when available. It is intended to submit a two phase draft Neighbourhood Plan towards the end of this year. The first phase will be consistent and compliant with the existing Local Plan, which respects our existing Green Belt boundaries. It is likely however that a second phase of the Neighbourhood Plan will need to take into account some of the likely outcomes of the revised Cheshire East Local Plan, currently subject to further local consultation.

To be involved and for further information, please visit the website http://www.poyntonnp.org.uk/ or e-mail info@poyntonnp.org.uk.

FAQs relating to the exhibition can be viewed or downloaded here. (*PDF)

*PDF documents require Adobe Reader to view them.



Poynton is a small town with a ‘village feel’ surrounded by open countryside which is protected as part of the North Cheshire Green Belt - this keeps our separate identity from other towns. Cheshire East Council is now finalising its future vision for the town over the two decades to 2030. No major developments for Poynton are proposed in the submitted version of the Cheshire East Local Plan, although there remains a proposal for the Poynton Relief Road. With your help we want to make Poynton an even better place both now and for future generations.

Following changes in planning over the last few years, the regional level has been abolished and in its place are Neighbourhood Plans prepared at a parish or town level. The Town Council wishes to engage with the local community to prepare such a plan for Poynton. This would in some respects replace the Parish Plan but would have a higher planning status.

The Neighbourhood Plan will set out our vision of the town for the period until 2030. It would allow local residents to exert more control over where development takes places within the town. It would seek to direct and influence the type and quality of new development as well as ensuring that where new development does take place, it meets local objectives and needs.

The plan would include policies and proposals for different types of development and land use. By not having a Neighbourhood Plan there is a risk of inappropriate and piecemeal developer-led planning proposals being submitted. Our Borough Council would then be forced into reactive responses to planning applications and then planning appeals and inquiries with decisions made by planning inspectors or ministers. By preparing a Neighbourhood Plan in parallel with the Local Plan, when approved, we hope that local control over planning in Poynton can be retained at town and borough level.

Poynton has a long history of active public engagement with the planning of the town. A Neighbourhood Plan will give local people the opportunity to influence the future character of the town, including where new houses, businesses and facilities should be placed and what they should look like. This provision has only been made available following the introduction of the Localism Act and the progress the Borough Council have now made with their strategic view of the future of the town. It would provide a genuine opportunity for residents to influence the future of the local environment in line with national policies. Uniquely, in planning law, a Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a vote through a local referendum on the plan and if it receives a majority vote in support from those who respond it becomes a full statutory plan. This would mean that developers would have to adhere to the Neighbourhood Plan in submitting their planning applications and to consult our community in meaningful ways.

The Town Council has been working with the adjacent communities of Adlington and Woodford to achieve an appropriate form of use including some redevelopment of the former BAE Systems site at Woodford. Both those communities are already substantially engaged in the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans for their areas, to respond to the challenges arising from the future extensive development of the aerodrome.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot stop development as some limited development is always required to respond to changing circumstances and lifestyles. By engaging with local residents, the Plan will identify what changes or improvement the whole community wants. If you are interested in helping with the Plan, we would like to hear from you. Please contact liz.osborn@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk, T. 01625 872238, or complete the reverse of the flyer included in January’s Poynton Post.

For further information on Neighbourhood Plans use the contact details above or refer to the FAQs on this webpage.


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