Poynton Neighbourhood Plan

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Poynton Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is a plan prepared by a community that helps shape development in the area in which they live.

Poynton Pool A photo of the canal at Higher Poynton Poynton Heritage Garden

Poynton Park and Pool

Our town's picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swan and tufted duck, dragon and damselflies.

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Macclesfield Canal

This Easter Poynton Marina is the ideal place start a walk along the canal footpath or further afield into to Lyme Park and the Peak District.

See more of Poynton's interesting places and 'things to do' on our visitor information page.

Poynton Heritage Garden

The garden situated between the Civic Hall, Library and Priorslegh Medical Centre was the successful transformation of what was a little used public area into a colourful and tranquil space.

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A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map A Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Map
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Poynton Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following on from the submission of the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan to Cheshire East Borough Council, the proposed neighbourhood plan regulation 16 consultation is closed and complete. The next stage is Regulation 17 - An Independent Examination.


Regulation 17 - Examination Documentation

Poynton neighbourhood plan - procedural matters letter - click here (PDF, 322KB). (Initial correspondence from Examiner dated 9th April).

Poynton Town Council's Response to Examiner’s Questions in letter above - click here (PDF, 472KB).

Examiner's Additional Question - letter dated 25th April 2019 - click here (PDF, 278KB).

Poynton Town Council's Response to Examiner’s Questions in letter above dated 25th April 2019 - click here (PDF, 95KB)

Earlier Documentation (PDF)

Note: All the documents, including those below, prepared as part of the Poynton Neighbourhood Development Plan, and links to consultations can be found on the Cheshire East Council website here.

Regulation 16 - Consultation on Submitted Plan:

Poynton notice of submitted plan proposal - click here (PDF, 110KB).

Poynton neighbourhood plan policy summary - click here (PDF, 502KB).

Regulation 15 - Submitted Neighbourhood Plan Documents:

Neighbourhood Plan final version - click here (PDF, 10.8MB).

Consultation Statement - click here - (PDF, 537KB).

Basic Conditions Statement - click here (PDF, 381KB).

Poynton Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening opinion - click here (PDF, 2.5MB).


Neighbourhood Plan

The local volunteers who make up the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan team, with direction and guidance throughout from a planning professional, have recently put the finishing touches to the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan. This follows extensive local consultation over many months, and involved a large number of volunteers from our community in the early stages, as the Plan began to take shape. The Plan, which is evidence-based, covers vital areas such as the Green Belt and the Environment, Housing, Transport and Connectivity, Health and Wellbeing and the Town Centre in considerable detail.

The Submitted version of the Plan was recently approved by Poynton Town Council's Planning Committee, with some minor amendments, and subsequently approved at a meeting of the full Town Council on 4th December 2018. The Plan has now been forwarded to Cheshire East Council, who will check it for compliance with national planning policies and with their own Local Plan, which covers the whole of the Cheshire East area.

The Plan will be publicised by the Borough Council as local planning authority and they will notify anyone commenting previously on the Plan.

The consultation is open to anyone and not just those who commented previously on the plan. The consultation will be undertaken by Cheshire East Council and will run for six weeks. Copies of the plan and consultation details will be available in Poynton library. Any representations made at this stage will be passed directly to an independent examiner for their consideration.

An Independent Planning Examiner will then be appointed, approval of the candidate being agreed between the Town and Borough Councils, after which Cheshire East Council will arrange to hold a local referendum, probably by early summer 2019. This will involve all those Poynton residents on the electoral roll and, if more than 50% of those who respond vote in favour of the Plan, it acquires legal status, and must be paid due regard by developers, landowners and planning officers.

If the Plan achieves this status it will shape the scale and nature of future development in Poynton until 2030. An added bonus is that Poynton would then be able to retain 25% of what is known as the Community Infrastructure Levy, or CIL, paid for by those responsible for building new housing developments in Poynton.




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