Poynton Town Mayor

Councillor Lee Podmore

Poynton Town Mayor - Councillor Lee Podmore

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Poynton Pledge

Town Mayor, Cllr Lee Podmore, has launched the 'Poynton Pledge' - a community themed initiative encouraging people to Support Local and Think Green.



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Poynton Park and Pool

Our town's picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swan and tufted duck, dragon and damselflies.

Read more about Poynton's interesting places to visit and 'things to do' on our local information page.

Poynton Heritage Garden

The garden situated between the Civic Hall, Library and Priorslegh Medical Centre was the successful transformation of what was a little used public area into a colourful and tranquil space.

View Poynton Heritage Garden photos.

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COVID Alert Level High

COVID-19 - Poynton

New restrictions have been introduced in Cheshire East in response to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the borough. Full details of the restrictions.

A photo depicting the Poynton Pledge logo and London Road North approaching Poynton village centre

Sun 8th Nov 2020 (11.00am)

Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to hold a parade or commemoration at St George’s Church. Please ‘Remember At Home’ by observing 2 mins silence at 11.00am. More details.

A photo depicting the Poynton Pledge logo and London Road North approaching Poynton village centre

Take the Poynton Pledge

Town Mayor, Cllr Lee Podmore, has launched the 'Poynton Pledge' - a community themed initiative encouraging people to Support Local and Think Green. Read more about the Poynton Pledge.

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Poynton Town Mayor - 2020-2021

Councillor Lee Podmore

Poynton Town Mayor Cllr. Lee Podmore


Poynton Town Council Business Survey

Thank you to all those who completed the Town Council’s business survey. The Town Council is currently reviewing the results and we will provide an update and next steps shortly.

A Note from the Mayor - The Poynton Pledge


Find out more and make your pledge now here.


What does Poynton mean to you?

To me and many others it means community, a sense of place and of people coming together for the benefit of each other.

We all make up and benefit from this community, from the children getting a first rate education from all the excellent schools, to people using the facilities the wide variety of shops and businesses many of which are independently owned and run by local people and all the local volunteer groups offering everything from walking groups to art and history.

My focus this year will be on this great community we all live in.

Covid-19 has cost the Town, not only in personal tragedies, but also to the many businesses on the high street and to people who run their businesses from home.    

Despite this the community banded together and used the opportunity to walk, cycle and run, meeting their neighbours and chatting (albeit socially distanced) in the now quiet streets.

The Town Council organised volunteers and residents organised Community Champions to look out for each other.
So, what can I do as Mayor to help and build on the community spirit that symbolises Poynton, whilst recognising the impact the crisis has had on people, businesses and the environment and at the same time ensuring the social distancing rules are kept?

During my term in office as Mayor of Poynton I will adopt the Community as my theme and over the coming weeks will be launching an initiative called the Poynton Pledge.

This is an initiative to ask people to support local and to “think green”.  I am encouraging individuals and/or groups within the community to sign up and pledge an action for Poynton.

For example you could pledge to:

  • Swap one short car journey per week for a walk (eg to the Town to buy smaller items of shopping).
  • Look out for your neighbours and help them where you can.
  • Check local shop suppliers first when ordering online.
  • Support local restaurants and takeaways.
  • Research local organisations and charities and consider getting involved and/or volunteering.
  • Shop sustainably.
  • Consider supporting local businesses when I need a service.

I’m therefore looking for residents to sign up below to a pledge. This could be one of the above or something which you feel you could do which supports our community and businesses.

You’ll be able to download a pledge card and stick it in your window to show Poynton your support.

By making just one small pledge, as individuals we can all make a big difference in contributing to the place we live in and local community.

Make your pledge here.

All ideas are welcome and if anyone has anything they can add to this to help our community then please let the Town Clerk, Haf Barlow. Email: Haf.Barlow@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk

Thank you for your support,

Councillor Lee Podmore

Poynton Town Mayor

Poynton Town Mayor's Post Election Introduction

It is an honour to have been elected as Mayor for my hometown and I hope to serve the local community well during the next twelve months.

I’m also delighted to be supported by the new Deputy Mayor, Councillor Hayley Whitaker.

Both my wife, Sam, and I grew up in Poynton. We have fond memories of making friends and playing outside in the many fields surrounding Poynton as well as going to the local primary schools, then later to Poynton County High School (as it was known then) for me. Poynton felt a safe place to be as a child with lots of friendly people.

Initially spending a few years in Macclesfield after we got married, it was this friendliness, great local schools and the particular community spirit you only seem to find in Poynton which drew us back following the birth of our son. Raising a family in this Town has been a pleasure and we have both had involvement within the community, through volunteering at Vernon Cubs, being on the Parent Council or as a School Governor at Lower Park School, or working on the Neighbourhood Plan and finally being elected as a Town Councillor.

In addition to the primary role of representing Poynton on civic occasions, under normal circumstances the Mayor will choose one or more local charities and/or good causes to support through holding fundraising events. As many will be aware, my predecessor in the role of Mayor, Councillor Sarah Jane Gilmore, has been particularly successful in raising funds which have benefitted a number of local projects and organisations over the past three years.

However, with the gradual easing of Covid-19 lockdown still in its very early stages, restrictions on public events are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. Along with the need to protect public safety, the economic impact on local individuals and businesses as a result of the pandemic are factors which need to be recognised when planning for the year ahead.

Therefore, this year we’ll need to shift focus and do things a little differently.

Despite the challenges - and sadly for some, the personal difficulties faced - over the past few months, Poynton has worked together during this crisis. As many of you will have seen, the community spirit is alive and well throughout the Town.

Poynton Town Council took the lead with this and have had such initiatives as: the list of businesses providing food and takeaways during the lockdown, the Community Champions and the CCSO’s visiting the vulnerable in Poynton. We have also had the support of local groups such as members of Poynton Runners and Churches Together who have been delivering leaflets and collecting prescriptions for residents. Online we have residents’ groups such as - amongst others - 'Poynton supporting Poynton when the going gets tough' and 'Poynton Goes Green' offering help and advice during these uncertain times.

During lockdown, changes such as limitations on car journeys have presented significant practical difficulties for many. On the positive side many have commented on the streets feeling safer and the cleaner air, with many people choosing to walk, cycle and run around Poynton. With many residents participating in the weekly “Clap for Carers” during lockdown, people have been chatting to each other in the street or helping their neighbours.

However, this lockdown has also come at a cost. Many of the shops and businesses which are visible on Park Lane, Queensway and School Lane have been forced to close since March. There are also many businesses which people run from their homes which have suffered during lockdown.

So what can I, as Mayor, do to help, support and build on the community spirit that embodies Poynton; whilst recognising the impact the crisis has had on people, businesses and the environment and at the same time ensuring the social distancing rules are kept?

During my term in office as Mayor I am looking at the theme of community.

Over the coming weeks, I will be working with members of the Town Council towards launching an initiative - the main concept of which will be to assist the community in further engagement; continuing to look out for each other, support local business and voluntary organisations and to help protect our environment. Further details on this will follow in the near future.

In the meantime, I look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities during these next twelve months.

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