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Management and Establishment

Discover what the Management and Establishment committee is responsible for, who the members are and view any of the agendas or minutes of committee meetings.

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A Big Community Thank You

Poynton can be very proud of the amazing response which has been offered to vulnerable residents and neighbours as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More details lower down this page.

Poynton Pledge

Town Mayor, Cllr Lee Podmore, has launched the 'Poynton Pledge' - a community themed initiative encouraging people to Support Local and Think Green.

Poynton Park and Pool

Our town's picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swan and tufted duck, dragon and damselflies.

Read more about Poynton's interesting places to visit and 'things to do' on our local information page.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Weather Warning

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for heavy rain in Poynton from Tuesday 19th January 2021. More information lower down the page.

Poynton Town Mayor Cllr Lee Podmore

A Message from the Mayor

See Poynton Town Mayor, Cllr. Lee Podmore's, message of thanks to residents, discover details of his role during the Covid-19 pandemic and read his New Year message further down this page.

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Covid-19 and supporting vulnerable residents in Poynton

We are aware there may be some clinically extremely vulnerable residents who do not have support systems and Poynton Town Council will do what we can to support. Full details here.

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Management and Establishment Committee


Remit, Agendas and Minutes



1. To develop and review the Town Council’s strategic plan and work load (see SO 44)

2. To ensure that the Town council’s strategic policies and procedures are undertaken in accordance with statutory and legislative requirements

3. To work with the Town Clerk to ensure that the Town Council is staffed sufficiently to provide for the effective operation of the Town Council and the Civic Hall.

4. To recruit and appoint members of staff.

5. To monitor staff workloads, working conditions, work/life balance and wellbeing.

6. To draft and recommend for adoption, the procedures for dealing with discipline and grievances.

7. To establish a Performance Management/Appraisal policy for all members of staff.

8. To conduct the Performance Management /Appraisal of the Town Clerk.

9. To review the Town Council’s Standing Orders.

10. To administer the Town Council’s Internal Complaints Procedures.

11. To consider and approve nominations for the annual Civic Awards.

12. To insure the induction and training of new councillors, including both external and internal training.

13. To take action with regard to any other issues concerning staffing and all management of Poynton Town Council not specified above.

14. To record and monitor fund-raising from the Mayor’s activities.

15. To manage administrative support for the Mayoral activities.

16. To be responsible for all aspects of reviewing health and safety policy and monitoring health and safety incidents.

17. To be responsible for the Town Council’s annual report.

18. The committee acts as the line manager in all matters relating to the clerk.

19. To set up task and finish groups or working groups as required, to then be approved at the next Town Council meeting.

Details of other Council Committees can be found on the Standing Committees page and a full list of which councillors sit on each committee and those who are representatives to outside bodies can be found here.


Committee - more details on members can be found on the Councillors/Officers page.

Mrs Jo Sewart – Chairman
Mrs Nicky Wylie – Vice Chairman

Laurence Clarke
Peter Oakes
Lee Podmore
Mrs Jos Saunders
Ms Hayley Whittaker

Council meetings are listed in a calendar (most start at 8pm) and you can download a document (*PDF) listing them here. The meeting agendas and minutes are also *PDF files.

Most documents are PDFs and require Adobe Reader to view them.

Management & Establishment Committee Meetings - Agendas and Minutes

All meetings start at 8pm unless stated.

22nd February 2021


19th January 2021



2nd November 2020



27th July 2020



16th March 2020



20th January 2020



6th January 2020



2nd December 2019



14th October 2019



8th July 2019



1st April 2019


11th February 2019



1st October 2018



9th July 2018



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