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Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Poynton News


View the latest Poynton Update and News (PUN) here (*PDF). Earlier editions can be found in the news archive.


Neighbourhood Plan Update

We revised the calendar of meetings to enable proper consideration of the draft pre-submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Finance and General Purpose Committee met on Monday 19th September, and the Planning and Environment Committee was brought forward a week to include discussion of the draft Plan.

There was also Town Council meeting on 26th September, which considered the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Minutes will be published in due course.



Scheduled between 26th - 29th September, either side of Wooley Avenue. London Road South, Cheshire East carrying out works to crow lift trees and cut back growth in verge.Works require Stop/Go boards Ref: UD20011081872. Info: C.E.C. 0300 123 5020

Advance Notice of Road Closure.
Brookledge Lane, Poynton West and Adlington Ward, Macclesfield from the junction with Sugar Lane to the junction with Springbank Lane. The alternative route will be via Springbank Lane, Roundy Lane, Cawley Lane, Pedley Hill, Street Lane, London Road, Brookledge Lane. Scheduled to take place between Saturday 8th October 2016 and Monday 10th October 2016. Location Map - https://roadworks.org?tm=81456

Pedestrian access to any premises situated within the temporary closure will be maintained at all times. Vehicular access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and residents where possible. The closure is to enable BT to carry out works to erect new overhead fibre cable. More info: contact A-Plant on 03700500797.

A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR) – Update
The latest information on the ongoing Traffic Management for the A6MARR project can be found here.


Local Plan examination hearings

This note has been prepared by Poynton Town Council to assist those residents who may have made written representations in Spring of this year about the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy. Such representations have been considered by both the Borough Council and the planning inspector. The note seeks to explain the stage the Local Plan has now reached and the format the forthcoming re-opening of the examination will take.

It is national planning guidance that local planning authorities (in this area Cheshire East Council) should produce an aspirational but realistic plan for their area. The examination is the final stage in that process. Both the Planning Inspectorate and the Borough Council should be confident that Inspectors, in conducting the examination, will at all times keep in mind the benefits of getting a robust and up-to-date plan adopted for the area. As such the Planning Inspectorate seeks to ensure that plans are taken through the examination process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Cheshire East Local Plan examination commenced in September 2014 and a second session of hearings was held during October 2015. A further session of hearings is due to commence in September 2016 and some residents of Poynton have lodged their objections to the proposed changes to the Plan now being made by the Borough Council. These include in particular an increase in the amount of housing and employment land proposed for Poynton in the period to 2030 and the proposed loss of three edge of town sites in Poynton currently in the Green Belt to accommodate around 450 houses.

Map of elements of the Local Plan

Click map to view a larger version (March 2016 version)

The Inspector is appointed by the Secretary of State and adopts a consensual approach to the hearing sessions, seeking to reach some agreement between the participants wherever possible but recognising that this remains the Council’s plan. Inspectors are expected to be positive, flexible and supportive of the objective of getting an up-to-date, sound plan in place. The plan has to meet certain legal requirements before it can be found acceptable. The Planning Inspectorate seeks to ensure that good practice in plan examinations and relevant updates, including judgments handed down by the Courts, are made available to Inspectors.

The examination has a clear focus on the main issues that the Inspector considers are fundamental to the soundness of the plan. This means that the examination will not delve into matters that do not fundamentally affect the plan’s soundness. National planning guidance sets out four criteria for testing the soundness of a Local Plan which are as follows:

  • Positively prepared – the plan should be prepared based on a strategy which seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements, including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development;
  • Justified – the plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence;
  • Effective – the plan should be deliverable over its period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities; and
  • Consistent with national policy – the plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Inspector takes control of the examination process from start to finish. He has to be proactive from the time of appointment in order to ascertain if there are problems with the plan which can be identified at an early stage. There have been problems with the Cheshire East Plan in terms of its degree of compliance with legal requirements and national planning guidance so the process of examination has been over a two year period to date.

Hearing sessions at the examination are inquisitorial, but the Inspector probes the issues as opposed to an adversarial approach. This is a type of public inquiry where the inspector seeks to ‘test’ the Local Plan to see if it meets the requirements of the relevant legislation and to see if it is ‘sound’. Soundness is tested by considering whether the Plan is justified; effective and consistent with national policy. There is no cross-examination and all questioning is undertaken by the Planning Inspector.

If you have made representations about the plan, have suggested some changes, and asked to be heard at the examination, you should have been invited to attend the hearings. A detailed programme has been published which runs from 13 September for 6 weeks, initially in Congleton and later in Macclesfield. Further details can be found on the Cheshire East examination webpage. The Examination timetable can be found here and the document is number PC A010 in the Examination Library: http://cheshireeast-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/planning/cs/sub1


Funding for community groups with public health outcomes: Participatory Budgeting Fund: You Decide

Local people are being asked by Cheshire East Council to come forward with ideas for a community fund aimed at tackling health issues such as obesity, lack of physical fitness, and mental wellbeing on a very local level, with £20,000 allocated for Poynton. The final funding decisions are being made at local events where people choose which projects will make the best difference to their local area: everyone who attends will have a vote. The closing date is 31st October.

There is further information and a Poynton application form here. Contact Val Burlison on 0780 7213170 for more information.


Cheshire Police Working Together meetings – have your say

Cheshire Police invited the residents of Poynton to attend the first of their “Working together” meetings at Poynton Civic Hall on Tuesday 30th August 7.30pm to 9pm. The meetings are to give local residents the chance to have their say on local issues and set policing priorities for the following month. It will also give Cheshire Police the chance to update local residents on recent issues and pass on crime prevention advice.

The date of next meeting will be advertised on the Cheshire Police website www.cheshire.police.uk, via alerts from www.cheshirepolicealert.co.uk or on the local twitter account @policemaccntpoyn.

Sgt Brazendale said “We look forward to involving the community more to help us set our monthly priorities and see it as a great opportunity to address local issues which residents may wish to discuss”.


Wednesday Lunch Club – new group starting

A new weekly group for people who are physically frail and with some memory problems started in Poynton Civic Hall on 14th September. It provides a caring and stimulating environment for up to ten people and a break for their carers. The group will meet from 10am to 2pm with a hot lunch provided.

It will be run by trained volunteers, and is a new initiative managed by Poynton Town Council in partnership with Age UK Cheshire East and will cost £20 a week. Transport can be arranged. Please contact Sharon Duke, Communities Co-ordinator, if you would like to find out more, on 872238 or sharon.duke@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk


David Rutley MP surgery

The next surgery is in September at the Civic Hall. This is by appointment only by ringing the MP’s office on 07785 345270.


Nelson Pit car parking

Despite efforts by Poynton Town Council and your Cheshire East Councillors to resist their imposition, Cheshire East have made a decision to introduce car parking charges at Nelson Pit. The Town Council will monitor the situation closely and would ask all residents to report problems with parking to the Town Council.


Town Council officers

PTC welcomes Sharon Duke, Communities Co-ordinator, on 872238 and sharon.duke@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk


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