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Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.


Welcome to the Poynton Town Council website. Here you can find all about the council, the latest community news, meeting minutes and publications as well as youth initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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Poynton News


View the latest Poynton Update and News (PUN) below or click here to download a PDF version. Earlier editions can be found in the news archive here.


*Road Closure and Roadworks

For details of roadworks regarding the A6MARR visit the works website is here, weekly updates on traffic management here. Closure of A555 W-Bound - 12th Feb - 17 Weeks. Info SEMMMS http://bit.ly/2Ee6nwG Diversion http://bit.ly/2G9eWFv

Road Closures for Poynton 10K - Sunday 28th March. The event, which starts at 9.15am, takes in a multi-terrain undulating 10km course on the roads and footpaths around Poynton and Higher Poynton. It starts and finishes near the Civic Centre off Park Lane and the following roads will be closed from 09.00am to 11.00am or for such less time as is necessary to enable the event to take place:
Park Lane, Poynton From junction of Bulkeley Road to Junction of London Road.
London Road, Poynton From junction of Park Lane to junction of South Park Drive.

Access for emergency vehicles shall be maintained at all times.

Approaches to the Shared Space in Poynton. During March and April proposed maintenance works are due to be carried out on Sunday evenings (and Monday if required) on London Road South (18/19 March and 25/26 March) and Chester Road on 8/9 April and 15/16 April

*Please note that the roadworks information supplied to us, is to the best of our knowledge correct at time of publishing, but can be subject to change. More information on roadworks can be accessed from the Cheshire East Council website.


Pick & Tidy

Due to the weather forecast, the Pick and Tidy event planned for Saturday 3rd March was postponed. A new date will be announced shortly. Other future dates for your diary are:

  • Summer Sort Out 5th May 2018
  • Party in the Park 16th June 2018
  • Poynton Show 25th August 2018
  • Autumn Tidy 20th October 2018
  • Winter Warmer 1st December 2018

You can download a PDF of the events planned on our Pick and Tidy group page.

For more information get in touch:

  • Email pickandtidy@yahoo.com
  • Facebook 'Poynton Pick and Tidy'
  • Twitter 'pick_and_tidy'.
    Update from the A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road team

    The Town Council has received the following update: ‘The relief road was previously programmed to be completed in spring this year, however due to a number factors the road will now open in late summer 2018, and we apologise for this further delay… One of the primary contractors for the project were Carillion.  Following their liquidation last month, Morgan Sindall has now taken over the delivery of the project and will be leading on the future construction.  As lead authority for the project, Stockport Council is continuing to closely work with them to understand how this change affects the scheme and reduce any future impacts as much as possible.

    Construction activities taking place over the coming months will be focused on:

    • Completion of the mainline of relief road
    • Macclesfield Road junction
    • A34/Stanley Road & A555 junctions ï Styal Road junction

    We appreciate the ongoing construction works are causing disruption to you and sincerely apologise for this. Please be assured that we are committed to keeping the impact of the construction activities to a minimum and working to open the road as quickly as possible. If you have any specific questions about the works please contact us by emailing semmms.relief.road@stockport.gov.uk or calling 0161 474 2055.’

    Information from Poynton library about events.

    Thursday 29th March, 4.30pm -5.30pm: Award winning garden designer, Clive Scott, will be talking about his 20 years exhibiting at Tatton and working with the RHS. This event comes ahead of the opening of the new Heritage Garden in April. Free, but please get a ticket in advance as places are limited. From the beginning of March, look out for our garden collage sessions taking place after rhymetimes on Thursdays, on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. You will be helping to create artwork to promote and celebrate the opening of the Heritage Garden.

    Rhymetimes will take place on Thursdays March 15th, 22nd and 29th at 10.30am.


    How your business can be recognised as being ‘dementia friendly’

    Alzheimer's Society Working to become Dementia Friendly 2017-2018 logo

    Poynton has been officially recognised by the Alzheimer’s Society as ‘working to become dementia friendly’. The Poynton Dementia Steering Group are able to support and assess groups, businesses and organisations to become part of the dementia friendly communities initiative. Once approved, recognition will be for twelve months with an annual assessment to continue to be recognised.

    Successful applicants will be issued with a sticker to display in their shop or business window so residents and visitors can look out for these appearing. Examples of how you might become dementia friendly are that staff and volunteers have become dementia friends or you may have made changes to your premises to make it easier for people living with dementia.

    There is a straightforward application form available from Sharon Duke, Communities Co-ordinator, sharon.duke@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk or ring 01625 872238. The return dates are 3rd May, 5th July, 6th September and 18th November.


    Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - last chance to comment - closing date is 20th March

    NB: There is also information on our Neighbourhood Plan web page, including the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan Movement Study.

    Following extensive consultation within the Poynton community and with other interested parties, the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Steering Group have redrafted the Plan to take into account the adopted Cheshire East (CE) Local Plan (July 2017) and having regard to the responses to the last regulation 14 consultation which took place in Autumn 2016. The Plan is available to download here*. (NB this is a 12MB PDF so may take a short while to appear).

    This phase of the Neighbourhood Plan gives you an opportunity to comment on its proposals before it is formally submitted to CE Council. Any suggested changes or additions will need to be compliant with both national and borough-level planning policies, and will also need to be evidence-based. All responses will be carefully considered by the NP team, who can amend the Plan if necessary before forwarding to CE Council for their consideration.

    The CE Local Plan has imposed a requirement that at least 650 houses are built in Poynton by 2030. The CE Local Plan has designated three strategic housing developments of 150 units each within Poynton. These are at Chester Road, Sprink Farm (Dickens Lane), and Hazelbadge Road. These sites were approved by the Planning Inspector, despite the strong opposition of the Town Council, Poynton's CE councillors and the vast majority of the local community, and consequently will be developed during the plan period. Consequently this NP seeks to define policies that will ensure that all new developments, including the three strategic sites, comply with environmental and other conditions that we believe will contribute to the quality of life in Poynton. The Neighbourhood Plan also defines a number of sites where further development can take place in order to meet the Local Plan housing requirement.

    The consultation period will be open for 10 weeks in order to get as many views as possible. Your comments must be received by 9am on Tuesday 20th March 2018. You can see the full NP using the link as *above. Printed reference copies of the Plan are also available to read at the Civic Hall and at the Library. To say what you think of the Plan as a whole, or to give feedback on one or more of the individual sections of the Plan, go to the on-line survey which can be accessed here. Please give your comments in the appropriate sections of the feedback form which correspond to the sections in the Plan. Should you wish to make a longer submission, e-mail liz.osborn@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk or write to Liz Osborn, Poynton Town Council, Civic Hall, off Park Lane, Poynton SK12 1RB.


    Allotments update

    Cheshire East Council have recently repaired the track up to the Scout hut at the Coppice Road allotments.

    The AGM was held on Sunday 4th February 2018 at Poynton Civic Hall and there are plans to develop a community building and further ideas are in the pipeline.

    We have welcomed some new allotment holders in the last year. The waiting list remains long, but please contact Phil Cunningham on phil.cunningham@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk if you would like an application form.


    Shared Space maintenance work

    Cheshire East Council have informed the Town Council that there are proposed maintenance works to be carried out to the approaches to the Shared Space in Poynton. The works are scheduled for the evenings on Sundays (and Mondays if required should works overrun) in order to reduce congestion issues. The dates are as follows: London Road South on 18/19 March and 25/26 March, Chester Road on 8/9 April and 15/16 April.

    NB Due to the poor and inclement weather that has been forecast the works originally scheduled for the weekend of 4th/5th March have been postponed.
    For further information, please check the CEC website: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/highways


    Dementia friends training - a reminder

    Poynton Area Community Partnership logoWould you like to learn more about dementia and how you can help to make Poynton dementia friendly? Poynton Area Community Partnership are offering free dementia awareness sessions to anyone working in shops, businesses, organisations or in community groups, paid or as a volunteer.

    If you attend, you will become a ‘dementia friend’.

    The one hour sessions are at the Civic Hall on these dates:

    Thursday 12th April, 5.30pm


    Saturday 21st April, 10am


    Please book your free place by contacting Val Burlison, Cheshire East Council, on 01625 374950 or val.burlison@cheshireeast.gov.uk


    Revised Bus Timetables

    On 7 November 2017 changes to the supported (subsidised) bus services in Cheshire East were approved by the Council’s Cabinet. Cheshire East Council has now procured the new services from operators to provide the new bus services. These services will come into operation from 1st April 2018 and the service through Poynton will be the 391 and 392. Information can be viewed here.


    Stay well this winter

    Cheshire East have published this useful information:

    Winter weather can be fun for some, but sadly more people are at risk of illness and death during winter than at any other time of the year and may need extra help from us all. As the weather turns colder spare a thought and a little time for your Neighbours. Neighbours may need your help, especially if they are elderly, disabled or have a chronic illness. Cold weather is especially dangerous for these groups - and symptoms don't just get worse during a cold spell, it can last for a few days afterwards.

    Read our 'Stay Warm', 'Stay Well' and 'Stay Safe' pages for helpful information and advice this winter.

    Here are a few tips to being a good Winter Neighbour:

  • check on elderly neighbours or relatives to make sure they are safe and well. A phone call or a knock at the door can make all the difference and can brighten their day - some people find being housebound very lonely
  • make sure they have enough food and medicines to prevent them having to go out in very cold or icy weather
  • give your telephone number to elderly neighbours so they can contact you for help if they are unwell or had a fall
  • is their house warm enough? Living rooms should be heated to 21°C and bedrooms to 18°C. Contact the Care & Repair team for information about emergency heating and repairs
  • keep drives and footpaths clear of snow and ice for your neighbours. Advice is available from Cheshire East Highways about clearing snow and ice
  • concerned about someone you think is sleeping rough in your community? Let the Housing Options team know on 0300 123 5017

Always be on the lookout for signs that something might be wrong:

  • milk still out on the doorstep late in the day
  • newspapers and post stuck in the letterbox
  • curtains drawn during the day
  • lights on during the day
  • a home in darkness when there should be someone at home
  • a dog barking all day or the cat scratching to be let in
  • bins not put out on collection days


Activities and events at the Civic Hall

March 2018

Mon 19th


Planning and Environment Committee


Mon 26th


Community, Order and Public Safety Committee



Liz Osborn, Town Clerk, 01625 872238


Twitter: @poyntontownclrk

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